Fanjofey in Use

This typeface is for all fans of "Lord of the Rings", the literary classic by R.R. Tolkien, recently made even more popular through the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies. For his fictional world "Middle Earth" Tolkien designed the "Tengwar" alphabet. Supposedly the writing of the Elves, Tolkien also used it to write the languages (invented by himself) of other races in Middle Earth.

Fanjofey is a latin alphabet - using many traits of the Tengwar letters, thus giving your texts a "Lord-of-the-Rings" look and feel. Some of the vowel signs above and below the letters are added in the companion typeface "Fanjofey Leoda", enhancing the "Elvish" feeling.


The download version is free for non-commercial use. For commercial purposes one style is US$ 12,99, two for US$ 24. Use the Order buttons to send me an E-Mail. Please specify for which font or style you wish to buy a license.